2 February 2019

Blood angels: Sanguinary Guard (Part 1)

Hi everyone,

Today I would like to show you just one model but in an unusual color scheme. It is a Sanguinary Guardsman painted in colors of a Death Company. I understand that this is contrary to the story of Blood Angels Chapter, but anyway I like the result of this mixture.

Some words about this miniature. A lot of time ago, I bought two boxes of miniatures: Sanguinary Guard and Death Company, but I didn't really need them. They were not suitable for any of my painting projects. In those days, I was buying miniatures and I did not think about anything. Some time later, I realized that I lost some of the details from these boxes, so I decided to put together the rest of the details and to make mixture of two squads.

After that, I painted one model and forget about the rest of them. Later I found them and decided to paint. Below you can see first model from this squad. Now I am painting the rest four models.

See you soon!

18 January 2019

Hobby recap of 2018

Hi all!

Happy New Year to everyone!
Em... I am a little bit late with my post, just as usual.
Anyway, I would like to wish to all my readers success, a lot of positive emotions and of course fortune in a new year.

Let's summarize together what I have done in hobby during 2018:
1) I started one new big project - Dark Angels. In this project, I will collect all extra Space marines miniatures that I have. I have already painted 31 figures for this project.
2) I painted 42 miniatures. It is nice result for me as I painted more miniatures that in 2017 (40 models). I would like to increase this result during 2019.
3) I wrote only 6 post here. I understand that it is really poor result for me. I will try to fix quantity of posts this year. I would like to add that I didn't show a lot of miniatures here that I painted before. I am going to show them this year.

I would like to write a couple of words about my activity here. As you see, I wrote too little post this year. The reason of this is that I decided to focus more on painting and little bit less on blogging. I am trying to speed up my painting process and to paint as much as I can. But I have problem - I don't have much free time. I think that everyone facing such problem. That is why I decided to spent less time on blogging and more on painting. In spite of this, I am paying some time to my Instagram page. I am posting there WIP photos and photos of ready miniatures. So you can follow my updates there. My nickname in Instagram is the following - the_9th_host. And here you are link on my profile - https://www.instagram.com/the_9th_host/ 
You are always welcome.

As you see, I have mixed results during the 2018. On the one hand, I succeeded, but on the other, I failed. 
Sorry, no photos today, but I promise to show you soon new painted figures.
See you soon.

10 December 2018

New project: Dark Angels - Tactical Squad №1

Hi everyone, 

In this post I would like to show you part of a new project. 
Some time ago I realized that I have to many Space Marines. I bought these models a lot of time ago and most of them were not connected with my current projects. They were just spare models. That is why I decided to collect them together in one big project. 

I had a lot of models from Dark Vengeance, so I decided to paint them in Dark Angels color scheme. I decided to start with the tactical squads. There were three tactical squads. For now I finished one of them and in this post I am going to show it to you. 
Let's start. 

First half of the squad.

And the second half.

19 November 2018

Daemons of Khorne: Bloodletters, 2nd pack

Hey there,

I prepared new photos of the second pack of Bloodletters for Daemons of Khorne army. Despite the fact that these miniatures are very old, they still look great. I like to paint them. I painted most part of them. But there are still some miniatures, which  I bought for these army. I will return to them in near future. There are some bigger Daemons left in boxes. I can't wait to paint them.

First half of the squad

Second half of the squad