27 September 2017

Space Wolves: Wolf Guard (Part 3)

Hi, everyone!
Today I am showing third miniature from Wolf Guard squad. I painted this model long long time ago but I forgot about it. I found it not long ago and decided to make photos and to write little post about it. So here it is.
I want to make Wolf Guard squad of five veterans. Together with previous models, I have three of five Wolves ready. I am really glad with the result. Even now, Space Wolves got awesome models and I like colors I chose for their army. Every member of this squad distinguish from each other’s.
Less words, more miniatures. You can see photos below. I hope you like it.

16 September 2017

Miniatures for Rogue Trader (Part 3)

Hi everyone.
I continue to paint models for Rogue Trader Game commission project. In this post, I am showing four new miniatures. They are - Seneschal and three Navigators. I don't know how my friend got this Seneschal miniature, but it is amazing. He looks like in arts, and I tried to paint him close to pictures. As for Navigators, for this project I received three Navigators and I had to paint one of them. They were so thin and fragile, that is why I decided to paint all of them.

Now photos.


31 August 2017

Space Wolves: Wolf Guard (Part 2)

Hey all, 
This time I would like to show you second miniature from Wolf Guard squad. It is a sergeant called Vidar. I finished two of the squad and three left. As usual I spent a lot of time to paint accurately all the details. I am glad with the result. I want to finish all the squad till New year come. Hope you like this figure.

31 July 2017

Miniatures for Rogue Trader (Part 2)

Hello everyone!
Time has come to present you some more battleships that I painted earlier. Here I am showing only two of them, nevertheless I hope you like them. As I said before, I am painting these miniatures for a little commission project. For now, I painted seven spaceships and four members of crew. These guys I am going to show later.

And now photos.
Sword Frigate

Lunar Class Battle Cruiser 

And now the whole Imperial Fleet from the project together.

And one more photo.

It was difficult to identify all the battleships, so I could be mistaken in their names.