9 December 2017

New project: Daemons of Khorne

Hi everyone!
In this post I want to tell you about new project that I started some time before. It is connected with the Chaos Daemons, to be precise with the Daemons of Khorne.
In the beginning of autumn, I found out several boxes with Daemons of Khorne miniatures. I had Start Collecting - Daemons of Khorne box, Daemon prince and Bloodletters. Therefore, I decided not to wait any more and started to paint them. 

I chose Bloodletters as the beginning of this project. I have 20 miniatures of Bloodletters in total. Below in a few sentences I want to show the process of painting. 
I started with the swords, I airbrushed them in bronze separately from the miniatures.

After that, I glued models all together and cover swords with the plastic wrap. Then I airbrushed them in Khorne red.

Next step - I made highlights using airbrush with the mixture of Khorne red and Troll slayer orange.

After that, I washed models twice using Carroburg crimson.

For now that is all. I will show progress with these Bloodletters later.

26 November 2017

Ork Warmaster

Hello everyone!
Today I want to show you an unusual miniature that I painted earlier. It is Gormakk, Ork Warmaster from Raging Heroes. How did I get him? My friend gave this miniature to me for a commission painting project, but in the end he was not needed for that project, so my friend just left him for me. I had spare time that is why I painted this ork. 
Some words about this model. I like Gormakk, because he has dynamic pose, nice detailing and ferocious appearance. This model fits Warhammer 40000 on the role of a warboss or just and ork commander.
I painted him in dark blue colors and I like the result.

Some details on photos above are not visible, because miniature has a bent pose. That is why I decided to make some closer photos, and here they are.

19 November 2017

Fifth anniversary

Hello everybody!
I wanted to write this post earlier - 29.10.2017, but I was too busy at work, that is why I missed that moment.
29.10.2017 was Birthday of my blog. On this day 5 years ago I wrote my first post here. I am periodically showing my painted miniatures since that day.  
For past years I did a lot of things in hobby, I always tried to do something new. But the most important is that I have a lot of ideas what I want to do in future.

This time I won't list models that I painted during this year. I am going to do it later, right before the New Year holidays.
In this post I just want to say 'Thanks' to people who are interested in things that I am doing in hobby.

4 November 2017

Space Wolves: Grey hunters, 2nd squad (Part 2)

Hey all, 
In this post I want to show you more miniatures from my Space Wolves army. Models from this post belongs to the second tactical squad. I showed earlier first five members from it and you can see them here. Now I am presenting second five guys. This time I called sergeant - Vikar The Black Fist. My Space Wolves army is growing gradually and I will finish it one day. 
And now photos. Hope you like Vikar and his squad.

Family photo

New five guys.





And tenth