10 December 2018

New project: Dark Angels - Tactical Squad №1

Hi everyone, 

In this post I would like to show you part of a new project. 
Some time ago I realized that I have to many Space Marines. I bought these models a lot of time ago. and most of them were not connected with my current projects. They were just spare models. That is why I decided to collect them together in one big project. 

I had a lot of models from Dark Vengeance, so I decided to paint them in Dark Angels color scheme. I decided to start with the tactical squads. There were three tactical squads. For now I finished one of them and in this post I am going to show it to you. 
Let's start. 

First half of the squad.

And the second half.

19 November 2018

Daemons of Khorne: Bloodletters, 2nd pack

Hey there,

I prepared new photos of the second pack of Bloodletters for Daemons of Khorne army. Despite the fact that these miniatures are very old, they still look great. I like to paint them. I painted most part of them. But there are still some miniatures, which  I bought for these army. I will return to them in near future. There are some bigger Daemons left in boxes. I can't wait to paint them.

First half of the squad

Second half of the squad

12 November 2018

Daemons of Khorne: Bloodletters, 1st pack

Hi everyone,

My blog is still alive, although I didn't write anything here for a while. I was busy at work and I also was engaged in a project which was related to photography. These are two reasons why I didn't post anything here. But all this time I did not stop painting miniatures. During this time I painted two squads of miniatures from a new project. I am going to show them later.

In this post I would like to show you Bloodletters of Khorne. I have already showed some of these miniatures. Previous time it was not a separate squad. I just showed ten models. And now I took photos of a separate squad. This time I tried new background for my photos.  
I hope you like the result. 
And now photos.

All Daemons together

First half of the squad

Second half of the squad

31 May 2018

Guide: Painting bases

Hi everyone!

I didn't post anything here for a long time and now the moment has come. In this post, I want to show you how I paint different bases. I am going to show you four little step-by-step guides. I use all of these ways of painting bases for my models.

1. Wasteland base #1.
Step 1: I applied two thin coats of Citadel texture paint - Armageddon Dust.

Step 2: I washed all over the base using shade - Agrax Earthshade. I did that only after the texture paint has dried. Again, in this step I washed base using two thin coats.

Step 3: I drybrushed all over the base using The Army Painter - Skeleton Bone.

Here is the final result.

2. Urban base.
Step 1: I painted all over the base using Vallejo Negro Black. By the way, it is my favorite black paint.

Step 2: I used drybrush to apply Mechanicus Standard Grey. In this way, I painted only edges of the model sand.

Step 3: I drybrushed base again, but this time I used Dawnstone and I did that a little bit slightly, to make it possible to see previous  layer of dark grey color.

And that is all. As you see, it is a really simple way to make nice base. Usually I add some additional details to bases to make them more interesting and less boring. This time I added bolter.

3. Swamp bases.
Step 1: I painted base and all the details using Vallejo Negro black (there is photo, from the previous guide).

Step 2: I drybrushed model sand on the base using Caliban green.

Step 3: As next step, I used Rhinox Hide. I drybrushed some areas of the ground using this paint. Not all over the base just some areas to see the previous layer of dark green.

Step 4: Using PVA-glue I attached some swamp bushes from Citadel. Before these bushes, I used cheap model grass, but I decided not to use it anymore.

Step 5: Using one of my new paints - technical paint Nurgle's Rot, I made plague puddles.

And that is all. Swamp base is ready.

4. Wastleand base #2
Step 1: I covered base using Citadel Skrag Brown.

Step 2: I drybrushed all over the base using The Army Painter - Skeleton Bone.

Step 3: I painted the rest of the details on the base - this time it is part of the sword. 

I used such bases for my figures from inquisition retinue. As you see, it is very fast and simple way to paint base in this style. 

To sum up, in this post I showed to all of you my ways of painting bases. All of them are simple and a little bit cheap. But I like the final result and I hope you like it too.

Thanks for reading!
Good luck!