31 July 2017

Miniatures for Rogue Trader (Part 2)

Hello everyone!
Time has come to present you some more battleships that I painted earlier. Here I am showing only two of them, nevertheless I hope you like them. As I said before, I am painting these miniatures for a little commission project. For now, I painted seven spaceships and four members of crew. These guys I am going to show later.

And now photos.
Sword Frigate

Lunar Class Battle Cruiser 

And now the whole Imperial Fleet from the project together.

And one more photo.

It was difficult to identify all the battleships, so I could be mistaken in their names.

21 June 2017

New project: Miniatures for Rogue Trader (Part 1)

Hello everyone!
Some time ago, I started one more commission painting project for my friend. I painted miniatures for him earlier. This time he asked me to paint miniatures for Rogue Trader Game. New project includes not only characters, but also different spaceships. It is a great chance for me to paint unusual models. In addition, some of them I have never seen before.
Here are some photos of unpainted models from this project.

I have already finished several miniatures and now I am going to show some of them. First of all I painted three tiny spaceships - Cobra Destroyers. They are the smallest boats in this project. Two of them were painted in colors of Imperium Navy and one Cobra - in colors of Chaos.
And now some photos of finished models.

Two Cobra Destroyers from Imperial Navy 

Chaos Cobra Destroyer

Cobra Destroyers together

Moreover, I painted two Firestorm Frigates in colors of the Imperium. These vessels are bigger than Cobra Destroyers, they have better detailing, and that is why they looks better. Here are some photos. 

It was quite interesting to paint such small miniatures. As I understand these battleship models belongs to game called Battlefleet Gothic. Looking at them, I realized that Battlefleet Gothic must be an exciting game.
I really like these models and I will show some more figures from this project later.

28 May 2017

Alpha Legion: Tartaros Terminators WIP (Part 1)

Hello everyone!
In this post, I am going to show you my WIP Terminators for Alpha Legion. 
Some time ago, my friend and I bought new box - The Horus Heresy: Burning of Prospero. We decided to divide it into two parts. My friend took Silent Sisterhood Squad and Legio Custodes Squad. Therefore, I took the remaining models. Burning of Prospero impressed me so much with the quantity and the quality of its models. 
Especially I liked Tartaros Terminators. That is why I decided to buy five more Terminators to paint them for Alpha Legion. In several posts, I am going to show you the process of my style of painting.

Step 1: I cleared and glued the models together.

Step 2: I primed Terminators using blue Army painter primer.

Step 3: Using airbrush, I painted Terminators in their basic color - Caledor Sky.

Now all the miniatures are ready for further painting. I will show you next steps in other posts.

9 May 2017

Space Wolves: Fenrisian Wolves

Hi everyone,
Today, I would like to show you five Fenrisian Wolves from my Space Wolves army. I painted these miniatures some time ago. At first, I was about to finish them for several days. But later I remembered that some details in my airbrush were broken. That is why I have to paint these Wolves using usual brushes.So I have spent a lot of time for these miniatures. Anyway, I like the result. And now photos.






I did these photos using my smartphone. Further I will take photos myself, starting with these miniatures. And I want to paint one more box of Fenrisian Wolves later.