31 May 2018

Guide: Painting bases

Hi everyone!

I didn't post anything here for a long time and now the moment has come. In this post, I want to show you how I paint different bases. I am going to show you four little step-by-step guides. I use all of these ways of painting bases for my models.

1. Wasteland base #1.
Step 1: I applied two thin coats of Citadel texture paint - Armageddon Dust.

Step 2: I washed all over the base using shade - Agrax Earthshade. I did that only after the texture paint has dried. Again, in this step I washed base using two thin coats.

Step 3: I drybrushed all over the base using The Army Painter - Skeleton Bone.

Here is the final result.

2. Urban base.
Step 1: I painted all over the base using Vallejo Negro Black. By the way, it is my favorite black paint.

Step 2: I used drybrush to apply Mechanicus Standard Grey. In this way, I painted only edges of the model sand.

Step 3: I drybrushed base again, but this time I used Dawnstone and I did that a little bit slightly, to make it possible to see previous  layer of dark grey color.

And that is all. As you see, it is a really simple way to make nice base. Usually I add some additional details to bases to make them more interesting and less boring. This time I added bolter.

3. Swamp bases.
Step 1: I painted base and all the details using Vallejo Negro black (there is photo, from the previous guide).

Step 2: I drybrushed model sand on the base using Caliban green.

Step 3: As next step, I used Rhinox Hide. I drybrushed some areas of the ground using this paint. Not all over the base just some areas to see the previous layer of dark green.

Step 4: Using PVA-glue I attached some swamp bushes from Citadel. Before these bushes, I used cheap model grass, but I decided not to use it anymore.

Step 5: Using one of my new paints - technical paint Nurgle's Rot, I made plague puddles.

And that is all. Swamp base is ready.

4. Wastleand base #2
Step 1: I covered base using Citadel Skrag Brown.

Step 2: I drybrushed all over the base using The Army Painter - Skeleton Bone.

Step 3: I painted the rest of the details on the base - this time it is part of the sword. 

I used such bases for my figures from inquisition retinue. As you see, it is very fast and simple way to paint base in this style. 

To sum up, in this post I showed to all of you my ways of painting bases. All of them are simple and a little bit cheap. But I like the final result and I hope you like it too.

Thanks for reading!
Good luck!

23 February 2018

Daemons of Khorne: Bloodletters

Hi, everyone!
Today I want you show you finished squad of Bloodletters. I will be brief. I have already wrote too much about these miniatures in two posts earlier. I made small guide and showed what colors I used. You can read those messages here - Post 1 and Post 2. And now photos.

Several family photos

And separate photos. 
First five

Second five

4 February 2018

Daemons of Khorne: Bloodletters WIP (Part 2)

Hello everyone!
Today in this post, I will continue to show the process of painting Bloodletters for my Daemons of Khorne army. Earlier, I already showed several steps of painting them. You can see them here (click the word). Now I will show next stages of painting. 
As the next step, I washed metal parts using shades - Nuln oil for silver details and Seraphim Sepia for bronze elements.

Then I painted teeth using Army painter Skeleton Bone and washed them using Seraphim Sepia.

Next step was to paint tongues, I painted them using Xereus purple, after that I washed them with Seraphim Sepia and made some highlights using mixture of Xereus purple and Violeta azul from Vallejo.

Further, I made highlights on the rest of details. To highlight skin I used Wazdakka red, for black crests, claws and horns I used Mechanicus standard grey and to highlight metal parts I used Runefang Steel.

Now few words about the process of painting bases for Daemons. I bought new texture paint just to try. I liked the result so much, that is why I decided to make all bases for Daemons in this style. First of all I added Armageddon dust to the base and waited until it dries.

After that, I washed it twice using Agrax earthshade.

Then I applied highlights with Skeleton bone using drubrush technique.

Here you can see finished variant. 

Later I am going to show closer photos of all miniatures from this squad.

9 January 2018

Hobby recap of 2017

Hi everyone!
Today is January 9, 2018 and all of us made few steps in New Year.
First of all, I want to say - Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all of You. I wish you many bright and positive moments in the New Year. I wish You a lot of inspiration, may all Your dreams come true!

Time has come to summarize what I have done in hobby during 2017:
1) I started two new projects. They are - Rogue trader project and Daemons of Khorne. First project is a commission one. I am painting models for a tabletop game called Rogue Trader for my friend. And in previous year I started new army - Daemons of Khorne.
2) I wrote 12 posts here. I showed both the old models that I painted earlier and the new ones, which I finished during 2017. I did not have enough time to show all models that I painted previous year, so I am going to present them later.
3) I painted 40 miniatures. I painted only 15 models a year ago, so it is nice result for me. And I hope to beat this result next year. Here are models that I finished in 2017.

Fenrisian Wolves

Battle Spaceships for Rogue trader



Wolf Guard Sergeant 

Ork Warmaster

Necron Warriors

Daemons Of Khorne Bloodletters

I did not have time to make photos of Necron Warriors and Khorne Bloodletters. I will show them to you later. 

I wanted to add; this time I made two separate messages - about Anniversary and later (now) about hobby results during the year. I did not sum up the results in October (in Anniversary post), as before, so I had two additional months to paint and to score more finished models. And it is the secret how I painted more miniatures than earlier. However, since this year I am going to make Hobby recap in the end or in the beginning of the year. 

Now a few words about 2018. This year I am planning to finish Space Wolves army (one of the oldest), to finish Rogue trader commission project and to paint more models for my army of Khorne Daemons. Moreover, I am going to finish something from what I have already begun, if only I have free time. So many ideas, so little time. 

Thanks to everyone.
Good luck in 2018!