9 May 2017

Space Wolves: Fenrisian Wolves

Hi everyone,
Today, I would like to show you five Fenrisian Wolves from my Space Wolves army. I painted these miniatures some time ago. At first, I was about to finish them for several days. But later I remembered that some details in my airbrush were broken. That is why I have to paint these Wolves using usual brushes.So I have spent a lot of time for these miniatures. Anyway, I like the result. And now photos.






I did these photos using my smartphone. Further I will take photos myself, starting with these miniatures. And I want to paint one more box of Fenrisian Wolves later.

16 April 2017

Little changes in the blog

Hello everybody!
My blog is still alive.
Long time passed since my last post. Moreover, it is my first post in new 2017. I was out of blogging as I had a lot of things to do. But I did not stop painting all this time. During past time I finished several miniatures and started new commission painting project, I am going to write about it in future posts.

In this post I would like to write about little changes in the blog. I am going to write more messages here as I want my blog to evolve. For this purpose, I am going to show more photos of glued miniatures, more photos of WIP miniatures, and more photos of finished models. Also I want to learn to paint the miniatures faster. I have a lot of painting goals, which I want to achieve until end of 2017. 

One more thing. Now I have my own page in the Instagram, where you can see photos connected with my hobby. My nick there - the_9th_host. (Link - https://www.instagram.com/the_9th_host/
So read my posts here and follow me in the Instagram)

14 February 2017

Photo making

Hello everyone, new 2017 Year has begun, and I have already started to work on new photos. Last blogs year I made for about 59 photos and pictures for blog and instagram. So in fact I made the photos of all, that was nedded)

This Year was started from really hard work on photos.
I thought a lot how to made them better, found my way of light setting and retouch, and only in Jan made 90 photos of space wolfs. It was a long process, I really demanded from my work to be hightly detailed, so now I can combite 2 photos or sometimes to take legible details from 3rd)

Now I'm making photos of terminators and 2 assasins. During working on assasins I felt sadly, couse it is joylessly when You paint hardly every detail and when You will make a photo all Your work will not be seen. I solved this problem))
So...in parallel with the work I will post some old photografies of old works) It is better to show them now then after new photos of assasins and terminatirs. Also I had no time to retouch them, but now it become much more easy))

Now I want to start from 3 old miniatures in a funny tabletop style which I painted to a friend for a bout a year ago. It is some preview. I will show them from different sides and together in next post))

Thanks for attention and all the best)